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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stupid Woman!!!!

OK, don't be scared, I'm really not just posting pictures of me in my swim suit to show how sexy I am, there is a pretty stupid story behind it.

This past weekend was pretty unusual in that Corey was in Spokane and the kids spent the weekend playing with grandma and papa in Vernal which left me with Friday night and Saturday all to myself. Here's the event timeline of my Friday night...
7-8:30pm - Sushi with Lindsey (Yummy!!)
8:30-10pm - Shopping at the Mall (Found super cute board shorts!)
10pm - Arrived home, locked doors, started getting ready for bed
10:15pm - Amy text me and asked me to come next door and sit in the hot tub.
10:20pm - Left house out front door, locked door behind me, thinking I would come in through garage.
10:25pm-12am - Chilled with Amy in the hot tub (super relaxing!!!)
12:05am - Returned home to find that I had locked myself out of the house (remember, Corey is in Spokane, all the keys to our house are in the house)
12:05-12:15am - Began popping out window screens in the hope that I had left a window on the ground level open..... no luck..... but, every window on the 2nd level was unlocked and open!!!
12:15am - Grabbed Amy to help "stupid woman" figure out a plan.
12:20am - Pushed the new pop up camper under the playroom window and put ladder on top (I know not the most safe option , but what else was I going to do?)
12:22am - Climbed ladder, stood on "Do not sit or stand above this level"
12:23am - Popped out screen and hoisted myself into window, unfortunately, my hip bones got stuck on the window casing and I had to swing my legs to tip myself into the room (ouch)(can you just see my big ol' but hanging out of the second story window? Not a pretty scene, gratefully I don't have a picture of this!)
12:23am - Carrie, looks out her window to see me hanging out the window and thinks to herself, "What is she doing?" Then she goes back to bed. (Apparently I have to be doing something really bizarre for Carrie to be worried.)
12:25am - I'm in!!!!
12:27am - Amy and I are laughing so hard that the neighbors slam their bedroom window shut. (Once again, I guess I have to be doing something really odd before anyone is worried!)

Moral of the story: Is your house as safe as you think it is if two chicks in their swim suits can break in in the middle of the night and no one thinks it's odd?


Becky Gray said...

Brenda, I love this story!!! It makes me laugh and laugh. I wonder what I would do if I saw you out my window in the middle of the night in your swimsuit. I would think I would ask questions and try to help..... But I love my sleep...HHHMMMmm
Love ya

Carrie said...

Hey! I saw Amy with you...you were in good hands. I did wake up Ty to tell him I should go and help, but you were already inside....so there dork!

But I have to say that the picture was one I won't forget of half your body hanging out the window...thanks for the midnight laugh! Love ya!!!

Leslie said...

I love you and love hear about your crazy antics. The sad thing is, I know I would be right there with you if only I lived closer. We all laughed out loud picturing you hanging out for the whole world to see. Love you sweetie! Keep us laughing!

The Dansies said...

Oh Brenda, you have really made my day! I love it! You know I am notorius for locking myself out of things. I often do the "I'll come in through the garage" thing, and then when I come back I discover I forgot the garage door opener! Our land lords have had to save me more than once. My attempt at scaling the 10 foot cement wall to get in the back door didn't work so well. Thanks for the laugh, it's good to know i'm not the only one!

Jeremy and Shauni said...

What a great story! I love the timeline of events...I felt like I was right there with you, but hopefully I would have been helping rather than ignoring you! :) And I love the fact that you were able to see the humor during the crisis and made sure to take some pictures--great memories! All your new posts are so cute--good work!

Jensen Family said...

Girl you are killing me with that story! I wish I could have been there. Thanks for the good laugh-by the way you look freaking amazing!!

G&G Martin said...

Thats my daughter....Or should I claim her? She really ought to write a book. Smile!!

Sharlene Enloe said...

that was a great post. I wish I could have been there laughing with you!

amy16 said...

As good as this story is it's nothing compared to the real thing. Brenda sounded like a truck driver as she tried each window only to realize the only open window was 20 feet up! I had the great vantage point of her butt out the window as I held the ladder hopping it didn't topple over as stucco and bugs came pouring on my head! But....there's always time for a pic!