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Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Family, My Babies, My World!!

I can't help myself! I have to share the cutest pictures of my little family. I LOVE these pictures, if I could freeze our kids I would!

We were so lucky to find such a great photographer, check out more of her work at - www.carlycarlsonphotography.com - she is amazing and super talented!

Thanks Carly!

Silly kids!!! I LOVE it!

This one is for Papa Craig, he loves old trucks and Malik needed to take a picture for him by this cool old Dodge!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rhys Turns 5

Rhys' 5th Birthday!
When asked what Rhys wanted to have for his birthday dinner. his reply was, "I like those haystack things (Hawaiian Haystacks), but you know what I really love.......Breakfast!" We ended up having waffles with strawberries and whip cream, scrambled eggs, and chocolate milk. YUMMY
Happy Birthday Rhysie!!
Party Crew
Jorie, Caden(upside down), Connor, Wheeler, Rhys, Malik and Riley
Malik and Jorie got a Lizard Webkin for Rhys (he hasn't set it down since)
Rhys and Wheeler
They have become fast friends. They go to preschool together and have been come really close! Wheeler has some medical issues that make him appear smaller than other kids his age, he and Rhys are the same age.
Rhys chose a "skeleton dinosaur" cake (???), he never seizes to amaze me, I never would have guess this one, but he absolutely loved it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jorie's Birthday

Jorie's 2nd Birthday - Ariel Party
Having a Christmas day birthday, for some, might not be too fun, but for Jorie it's a blast! Christmas stops at our house in the afternoon and we go into full birthday mode! Balloons, streamers, birthday cake and presents wrapped in non-christmas paper! We had a fun party and Jorie loved her Ariel cake that she picked out!
Happy Birthday Princess!
The day Jorie picked her cake, she was actually singing to the cake lady like Ariel does and saying "I wub it, my Ariel" - she was so excited!!!
"A present for me?!?!"
Ariel doll from mama and daddy.
"It's my Pony's!!!!" From Rhys and Malik, which she happened to find in mom and dad's closet a couple days before. I need to learn to hide better.
Papa Ron and Grandma Needers sent a Curious George stuffed animal and book.
She "wubs" "Curdidus Goege."

Friday, January 9, 2009

December in Colorado

Simply put, it's been chilly.
Anyone for a Polar Bear Party?
Although, you have to admit, this is beautiful!

The Sunday before Christmas, we went to church, then over to Corey's hotel for a few picture opps of the family and the kids in there christmas clothes.
(Thanks to Hillary and Grandma Needers for Jories dress.)
Don't be decieved, she has promptly and right on schedule moved into the terrible two's, complete with spontanious crying and uncalled for bossing of everyone around her.
Wow, she makes me smile!

The Munchkins
We really did miss all the Christmas chaos with family and friends, on the other hand, our first little Christmas alone was very relaxed and peaceful. Thanks for all of you cards and Christmas wishes, we love and miss you all very much!

Monday, January 5, 2009

And the WINNER is.....

The votes are in and the polls are closed.

17 to 5 is ts the final count,
and the winner, of course, is ME!!!

Thank you all who recognized the masterpiece in it's entirety. Complete with custom ice skating pond, gazebo and festive holiday wreath. (not to mention, the matching and patterned roof kissables)

Thanks for your vote, and thanks to the 5 people who voted for Corey's eco friendly home, he really need your votes for his self esteem. He really did do a great job...... mine was just simply better:)