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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Enloe's in Powell

The first week in September was spend in Lake Powell with the Enloe's courtesy of Parker and a super fun houseboat that was going unused this year....until the Enloe's snatched it up. I have fallen in love with Powell and I have the Enloe family to thank, they are the ones who first introduced this amazingly beautiful place to me. Hopefully, our children will have many fond memories with aunts, uncles, papa, grandma and cousins in Lake Powell.
Rhys learned how to wake surf and loved it!
He even started tossing the rope back to the boat like he saw the older kids doing.
Hang Loose Buddy!

We found a really great spot to park the houseboat, there was a great beach that the kids played on most of the days.
The "ladies" spent most of our days playing cards. We really enjoy each others company, we have a ton of fun when it comes to games. We even got the guys to join in a few rounds!
Hilly and Jeff brought their kids, Toby and Chuck (the two cutest pugs ever). The kids love having them around, they are super well behaved and really take the abuse the kids give them very well. Chuck even got to wake surf, that was pretty funny to see.
This is Malik and Jackson having a dance party with Chuck.
Lindsey's friend Steve also came with us and brought his two wave runners to share with us. The kids loved zipping around with anyone that would take them for rides.
This is Grandma Needers, Malik on back and Owen in front.
Growing up, Grandma Skousen had a friend that lived with her and helped out with her day care. Her name was Anna Mae. The kids thought that everyone had an Anna Mae just like a Grandma or an Aunt. I think we have found our Anna Mae, this is our Jessie. She is a good friend of Hilly's but has become a staple with the Enloe's. She is great with the kids and super fun to be around......Don't we all have a Jessie?
Camden turned 6 while we were at Powell, we had a fun party for him which included a chocolate cake without frosting that Yaya made special for him, presents and roasting marshmallows. Rhys was so glad that he got to spend Cam's birthday with him!

The girls playing cards...
I love my sisters in law!