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Monday, June 30, 2008

Palamino Filly.....

That's right y'all, a Palamino Filly! We have purchased a barely used pop-up trailer from a cute older couple in my sister's ward, and when I say barely used I really mean mint condition and used maybe 15 times in the last ten years. This past weekend was the Filly's maiden voyage to Upper Stillwater Campground just north of Duchesne. What a blast! The spillway from the resevoir was like having a waterfall in camp with us and we lucked out with a spot that we could watch it all day long from out trailer and our site. I was so relaxing, the kids played in the river, in the dirt and road their bikes while Corey and I just enjoyed being with our little family.

Saturday afternoon, Corey's parent's and our friends the Tolman's, came to spend the afternoon and evening with us. Papa and Grandma brought their new toy, the Rhino, for all of us to play around on and take the kids for rides. Ton's of fun, for everyone! Thanks Papa and Grandma! Thanks Tolman's, what loyal friends to drive almost 3 hours to hang with us!

Malik, Rhys, Corey
Jacob, Owen and Ty Tolman
Madi Tolman, Jorie, Brenda

Before we left for home, we hiked up to the lake and played in the water for a bit, chilly.....! We decided that we made a great purchase even if it takes us a little closer to redneck status! I guess you can take us out of Vernal but you can't take Vernal out of us!!!!

Here are a few more pictures of our "princess" who couldn't help but wallow in the dirt all weekend, she is so funny, what a mess!

This is my favorite, Jorie decided she was done waiting for the Rhino to come back so she started off up the road, I started calling to her to come back, she turned after a minute, straightened her back, firmly said "no" with a huge grin and proceeded up the road. She is such a monkey! I wish you could see her expression a little better in this picture, it was pretty funny!

MLS Soccer Camp and a New Bike!

Malik seriously put a smile on his dad's face this last week! MLS Soccer Camp was the topic of the week. Mal attended camp last week for 3 hours every morning, and loved every minute of it! His coach's were real REAL soccer players, Coach Greg and Coach Eden, from Europe (I think they were Irish possibly). Corey is just about bursting at the seems with excitement that Malik is starting to show interest in things Corey has real passion for.

Which brings us to our next hot topic, Corey and the boys drove to Vernal to order Corey's new bike and pick up Malik's new mountain bike this weekend. Malik has grown so much in the last year that his bike was simply too small for him. He loves to ride his bike and has been asking Corey to take him mountain biking (I know, can you see the small tear coming from Corey's eye) our Daddy's dream! We are going camping this weekend and the boys are already planning when they can go on a ride.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Running away to Aspen

As I mentioned a few posts ago, Corey and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year and to celebrate we ran away last week to Aspen, CO with our good friends Ty and Carrie (who also celebrated their 10 years this year also). We started out our trip right, or at lest the guys did, Corey and Ty lucked out and were able to golf on one of the most amazing private courses for free and Carrie and I went to the spa for one of the worst facials I have ever had!! After our disappointment, Carrie and I drove into Aspen to get checked in and found that Corey had left me a letter and flowers, as I read my sweet letter, I completely forgot about how disappointing our trip had started and sat in my room sobbing as I read Corey's letter to me. If I ever had had any doubts about us, (which I didn't) it would have been all cleared up, I truly believe I fell in love all over again.

Then, to make a long story short, the rest of our weekend was filled with hiking (at a 15-35% grade for 4 miles!), biking (I love going down... hill....stop it!!!), snowball fights (yes in June, at 12,500 feet at the end of our hike), GREAT food (not including the "big ass pickle" which I intend to try next time), movies (a little uncomfortable sitting next to a 10 year old during the Love Guru) , shopping (when we can't really afford anything in the stores, unless it's the "hand towel" Carrie bought), ice cream (we never went back for the other flavors!), awesome breakfasts in a bar (only in Aspen), hand stand contests (ssshhhhh!), and much more that you may just have had to be there for!

Thanks Tolman's for celebrating 10 years with us, here's to 10 more!!!!

(pictures to come....right Carrie?)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Stay with me everyone, I am really behind on all the things I wanted to write about, so keep going to see what we have been up to in our crazy world, that's right, there are 6 NEW POSTS to follow!

Stupid Woman!!!!

OK, don't be scared, I'm really not just posting pictures of me in my swim suit to show how sexy I am, there is a pretty stupid story behind it.

This past weekend was pretty unusual in that Corey was in Spokane and the kids spent the weekend playing with grandma and papa in Vernal which left me with Friday night and Saturday all to myself. Here's the event timeline of my Friday night...
7-8:30pm - Sushi with Lindsey (Yummy!!)
8:30-10pm - Shopping at the Mall (Found super cute board shorts!)
10pm - Arrived home, locked doors, started getting ready for bed
10:15pm - Amy text me and asked me to come next door and sit in the hot tub.
10:20pm - Left house out front door, locked door behind me, thinking I would come in through garage.
10:25pm-12am - Chilled with Amy in the hot tub (super relaxing!!!)
12:05am - Returned home to find that I had locked myself out of the house (remember, Corey is in Spokane, all the keys to our house are in the house)
12:05-12:15am - Began popping out window screens in the hope that I had left a window on the ground level open..... no luck..... but, every window on the 2nd level was unlocked and open!!!
12:15am - Grabbed Amy to help "stupid woman" figure out a plan.
12:20am - Pushed the new pop up camper under the playroom window and put ladder on top (I know not the most safe option , but what else was I going to do?)
12:22am - Climbed ladder, stood on "Do not sit or stand above this level"
12:23am - Popped out screen and hoisted myself into window, unfortunately, my hip bones got stuck on the window casing and I had to swing my legs to tip myself into the room (ouch)(can you just see my big ol' but hanging out of the second story window? Not a pretty scene, gratefully I don't have a picture of this!)
12:23am - Carrie, looks out her window to see me hanging out the window and thinks to herself, "What is she doing?" Then she goes back to bed. (Apparently I have to be doing something really bizarre for Carrie to be worried.)
12:25am - I'm in!!!!
12:27am - Amy and I are laughing so hard that the neighbors slam their bedroom window shut. (Once again, I guess I have to be doing something really odd before anyone is worried!)

Moral of the story: Is your house as safe as you think it is if two chicks in their swim suits can break in in the middle of the night and no one thinks it's odd?

Daddy's Day - 3 days early

Due to an Enloe's guy trip and kid's spending the weekend with grandma and papa, we did Father's Day three days early this year. The kids ordered a HUGE Daddy's day golf cookie and got Corey a new flip waffle maker. They were so cute waiting for daddy to come home from work to surprise him and take him to IHOP for dinner (their favorite place), before we had to rush him to the airport to play in a golf tournament with Eric and Parker in Spokane. I should have thought 5 minutes ahead and took a picture before we dug into the delicious cookie, oh well. Corey is such a great dad, his children adore him and he always has time to make them feel special. Happy Daddy's Day!!

June 11, 1998 - 10 Years

I can't let our anniversary go by without letting the world know how much I love my husband. 10 years ago Corey and I were young, happy, in love and utterly smitten, and today I am happy to say I still feel all these things (young is slowly slipping away but I haven't lost it quite yet.) This picture is my favorite of hundreds taken the day we got married, he still makes me this happy and I hope I will always look at him with this kind of admiration.

Corey, thank you for all you have given me; eternity, our children, love, endless happiness, belonging, support, and encouragement, just to name a few. I love that I still get excited to see you at the end of the day and that you never fail to single me out when you come home and make me feel as if I'm the only one in the room (what an example for your children). You are my hero, my husband, my eternal companion, and my very best friend. I can honestly say I love you more every day, for different reasons and in different ways. Love Always, BE

Off to the Hogel Zoo!

Pictured L to R - Owen, Carrie, Madi, Jacob, Malik, Jorie (stroller), Rhys, Lexi( behind Rhys), Sami (white shirt), Becky (behind Sami), Brenda

In an effort to keep the kids entertained and the mama's sane, we, Carrie and I, bought a family pass to the zoo for he year and went for the first time last week with Becky and two of her three girls, (we missed you Kenzie). We haven't been for a year or so and Jorie has never been. She love the monkeys and can say it quite well. The elephants freaked her out a bit, but she love the train ride. Malik and Rhys' favorite was the white alligator, the monkeys and the bird show. Can't wait to go again, let us know if you want to come with us!

Shock Game in Boise

What a fun weekend with our Spokane cousins/aunts/uncles/papa and grandma! This is the second year we have met Eric and Shar's family in Boise for a fun weekend including a Shock game (Eric is part owner of the Spokane Shock, an indoor arena football team). It was a blast! Initially we had planned to hit the water part but the weather was a little on the chilly side for swimming so we went to the opening weekend of Kung Fu Panda instead. It was super funny and the kids loved it. Thanks Eric for the tickets and the fam for another fun memory!

Goodbye Liberty!

It's the end of first grade at Liberty Elementary and soon a new beginning at McMillan Elementary in second grade for Malik. Malik loved his teacher Mrs. Flower, she was great and Malik learned a ton! In the fall we are changing elementary schools which has kind of been an adjustment for Malik mainly because he didn't want to leave his friends, but since he was in a first/second split class this year he wouldn't be in the same class with his good friend Connor again next year (he is a year older than Malik). He is now much more excited about ohis new adventure next year in Miss Bryant's second grade class at McMillan! See you there Madi and Easton!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Wacky Mohawks!!!!!

What started out a a nice normal haircuts turned into wacky mohawk's last night. Rhys decided he wanted a mohawk and Malik jumped on that bandwagon as fast as he could. I though it was an OK way to welcome summer, I can't think of a better time to let them. Wacky Boys, I Love you! (Shar, I can't decide what is worse, mohawk or scroungy, it might be a tie)