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Monday, June 30, 2008

MLS Soccer Camp and a New Bike!

Malik seriously put a smile on his dad's face this last week! MLS Soccer Camp was the topic of the week. Mal attended camp last week for 3 hours every morning, and loved every minute of it! His coach's were real REAL soccer players, Coach Greg and Coach Eden, from Europe (I think they were Irish possibly). Corey is just about bursting at the seems with excitement that Malik is starting to show interest in things Corey has real passion for.

Which brings us to our next hot topic, Corey and the boys drove to Vernal to order Corey's new bike and pick up Malik's new mountain bike this weekend. Malik has grown so much in the last year that his bike was simply too small for him. He loves to ride his bike and has been asking Corey to take him mountain biking (I know, can you see the small tear coming from Corey's eye) our Daddy's dream! We are going camping this weekend and the boys are already planning when they can go on a ride.


Carrie said...

I am so happy for you Malik...what a fun soccer experience you had. I LOVE your new bike...you will have so much fun going on rides with your daddy and family.

Becky Gray said...

Malik, Its awesome to see someone else get so excited about soccer!!!! Kenzie is excited to have another soccer star around. The new bike is great. It fun to see the kids getting bigger.

G&G Martin said...

How fun Malik, two great things to have fun with dad and family.