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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yellowstone - Family Vacation, first leg

Yes, we are still alive, but just now being able to breath! We have had a whirlwind past month. SOOOO fun but we are glad to be home and getting back to normal (what ever that means).

We spent 4 days exploring Yellowstone and camped just north of West Yellowstone (accompanied by virtually every bug in North America). The boys loved to check out the maps and help decide what we were going to see next. We hiked a ton and saw a lot of things the boys were fascinated by. Jorie also loved the wawa (water everywhere!). They even did 328 stairs down and up so I could show them my favorite thing in Yellowstone, the Lower Falls! They were such troopers!
Lower Falls - My Favorite!!! I love waterfalls!!!Old Faithful - We only had to wait about 20 minutes (or 3 hours, in Malik's mind) for it to erupt. They were so cute, their eyes got so big as they were screaming "COOL!"
One of our favorites was the bear sanctuary. This is where some baby bears are brought after their parents have been killed. They can't survive in the wild because they don't know how to hunt. Interesting side note, eight years ago, Corey and I stayed in West Yellowstone and visited the bear sanctuary when two of the bears (a brother and sister) were just brought to live there. They were so tiny and cute and now they are huge and beautiful.
My little bears..... (Jorie hated this bear, she was not happy to take this picture)


Carrie said...

I want to go back to Yellowstone! Such a fun place to be...

Becky Gray said...

The pictures are so cute. It looks like a lot of fun!! The family pix is adorable, It should be on a Christmas card!!!