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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The long awaited "Clone Wars"

On Monday, Corey and I loaded up 6 kids, took them to dinner and FINALLY went to The Clone Wars. Malik and Rhys have hardly been able to wait to see this new addition to Star Wars. Malik invited Madi and Easton to come and Rhys brought along his best friend Jacob, could it seriously get any better, awesome movie and awesome friends! We had tons of fun, but it sure made Corey and I realize that there is no way we could have 6 kids!


Carrie said...

Thanks again you guys! Jacob loved it but I think Madi loved it more....right Brenda? What a fun night it was for them!

Nichole Lowe said...

Tyler was just as excited to see it and loved the movie. Boys and Star Wars. That is so cute that Malik wants a sleep over with Tyler. Whenever he visits, hint, hint. Can't wait for this weekend. I am so needing it.

Sharlene Enloe said...

You are good parents. My boys get to go with my sister. I don't think I could sit through it.

amy16 said...

That was the best movie EVER! and the best mac and cheese EVER! You're the coolest parents EVER! I wish my parents took me to cool place to see cool things.....they're so lame,

From Easton