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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spokane - Family Vacation, third leg

We arrived in Spokane a couple hours ahead of Ryan and Nichole, which gave us a chance to clean up and settle in a bit before we went to dinner to use the gift certificates that the boys won from their last golf tournament. Great food, great company and a bit of shopping made this night super fun!The next day after Parker and Aria arrived we headed for the Cour de Alene lake house to spend a few days in the water and sun. Malik tried wakeboarding and rocked the ski skimmer. Rhys after he got the hang of it, owned the ski skimmer and didn't want to get off. We were so proud of them wanting to try so many new things. There they go making their daddy proud again!! Malik, Jackson, Hayden and Tyler were inseperable, if they weren't tubing, playing in the water off the dock, or wakeboarding, they could be found watching Star Wars because tehy were too exhausted to do much else. Rhys, Olivia and Cam were also pretty cute together, I can't wait to watch them grow up together and become good friends.
Tyler, Hayden, Malik and Jackson
Ryan and Nichole
Rhys, Hayden, Olivia, Tyler and Malik
Shar and Brenda

The SHOCK Game!
Saturday night Eric and Shar treated us to the last of the regular season Shock Games against the Boise Burn (of course..........do they play anyone else?) I was a blast, we were able to sit in the owners box and have dinner brought to us while watching the game and enjoying each others company. The highlight for Corey is that Eric also has 4 seats right on the front row, it's so fun to watch them get so excited!
Eric, Ryan, Parker, Corey
All the Cousins (minus Jorie and Carter)
Rhys was so excited to get signatures from the players after the game, he was so patient and so excited to meet some of them.
Brenda and Aria - Can I just take a minute and tell you all how much I love my sister in law Aria. I am so glad we have been abe to become friends. I would do anything for her! She definately has become one of my best friends! I love you Aria!
Ryan. Ron, Baby Leif, Parker, Corey, Eric, Kevin
The ladies - Anita, Nichole, Shar, Brenda, Aria, Robyn
They Sister-In-Laws - Nichole, Shar, Aria and Brenda (missed you Lindsey and Hilly, it wasn't the same with out you!)
Shar, after taken' a Lickin!

OK, one more sappy moment! I love SHAR!! We have a lot in common and have a tons of fun together. She makes me happy and I am so glad we married into this same crazy family because I don't know what I would do with out her. Thanks for being my sister/friend, I really wish we could spend more time together, the little time we spend just simply isn't enought!! Love you Shar!

Eric, Shar and Fam.... thanks for such a fun trip, we want more!


Carrie said...

Nice way to show your affection for Shar Bren...so lovely! I'm LOVIN' the expression on Shar's face. I can read a lot on your face too!
So I agree with you Bren...you have awesome sister in laws! I think it's great that you all get along so well and love to be with each other. I glad you guys had a fabulous time on your vacation...so happy for you and HAPPY you're back!
Your kids and mine are being so flippin' loud right now...there's crying...see ya!

Paul and Megan Hawkes said...

Looks like fun. It is so wonderful to have great family.

Nick Scott Family said...

Looks like you guys had to much fun on your family vacation :) I love the pictures and updates on your blog. When are we going to get together?

ME & HE said...

Hey Maggie,

By the way, I did try to give you a heads up on my blog but apparently you never check your e-mail...but by the looks of it, you've been having too much fun. Looks like a great va-ca. Glad you could spend time with your family. Love ya!

Jensen Family said...

What a super fun trip or trips no wonder I though you died. Thank again for the amazing gift:) And for comming to my little party it was a super fun day.
Love you!!

Aaron said...

Wow - What a cute family! It looks like you have a lot of fun together. I'm glad to see that things are going well. You'll have to check out our family blog sometime - haleyfamilyblog.blogspot.com

Barnes Family said...

Hey Brenda! I hope you don't mind that I found your blog from Aaron and Jaimie's.
You have a very darling family. Where do you live?
Come check out our blog http://brettandheatherbarnesfamily.blogspot.com/
Keep in touch!

lindie said...

Hey lady,
Before you start freaking out i just mailing the letters. What a flipping nightmare, they aren't complete and some of the girls are in young women now along with myself. I'm so excited. Did Jessica tell you about it. Anyways, you look great. We need to get up and see you guys again. You are definitely a topic at our house a lot (all bad) just kidding! Well see ya

Jeremy and Shauni said...

Fun, fun, fun! Love your new pictures! You look fabulous, girl!

Sharlene Enloe said...

We had the best time, too, except for the lickin'. I can't believe we have to be apart. so very sad!