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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Countdown

It's official, it's our last week before school starts on Monday. Our neighbors, the Hunter's, invited us over to play on their super cool blow up, water slide and pool. The day was so hot and the water was very welcoming. The stairs on the slide were kind of tricky to get up so everyone helped by pushing each other up and when the top person would slip they would take out everyone below them. It was super comical to watch!
Thanks Jamie and Colton for a fun afternoon!


Carrie said...

I love your backgorund....super cute! It was a fun day!Who does'nt have a blast when spending time with the Hunters! We love our friends :)

lindie said...

I'm jealous! We want to play with you guys! We miss you! I have a confession. The day I left a comment on your blog I packaged up the letters and was going to send them. So I just told you I did-OOPS!! Then Jessica got in my car and said, "What is this?" pulling out your packaged letters. So, she stole them from me and sent them herself. What a loser I am! Hope we can still be friends!!!!