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Monday, August 25, 2008

Final Friday Fling Before School Starts

Friday was our last outing before school started. We were so excited to have our cousins to play with for the whole day, so we decided to hit the zoo. My sister Colette and My nephew Anthony also joined us for the day.

Oh sweet! Check out how cute my little princess is, can you see her? She's the one in the middle with her finger up her nose!!!!! Nice Jorie!!!
I don't have any super funny stories from this rip but every time we go to the zoo, I always remember my favorite story from a few years ago when Malik was 3 or 4. We were looking at a small squirrel like animal and the zoo keeper had attached tissues to the branches in the cage for it to play with. As Malik walked by and his comment went something like this, "Oh look that squirrel's been decoratin'." My sister and I fell to the floor laughing and Malik had no idea what was so funny. I had to get a picture of the cage, so here is the actual picture from that day.