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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big News for Binks!

As I mentioned in my last post, Jorie has been very interested in potty training lately so we let her pick out some fun prizes as rewards for going in the potty. I hat to speak too soon, but she is doing GREAT! I love to watch her get so excited when she has remembered to tell me she need to go and then after she is done she is so proud! I realize we aren't there yet, but I think she is well on her way!!
Big News = No more Diapers!!!
Way to go Jor Jor Binks!!

But that's not all for the big news, this may be even bigger news!
As many of you know, Jorie has has a pretty severe dairy allergy that makes her pretty sick if she eats dairy. So, since she was about a month old, we have withheld as much dairy as humanly possible. If she mistakenly gets her hands on dairy and eats it, within 2-3 hours her tummy is pretty upset and we end up using 50 diapers the next day. Our pediatrician told us that she may or may not grow out of this, so we should test it every 6 months or so. About 4 weeks ago, Jorie flipped out and wanted a bowl of mac and cheese, we ended up giving it to her and hoping for the best. The best happened!!!! Absolutely nothing! So needless to say we tested it again with yogurt. Again, nothing!!! We then let her have a piece of cheese.......nothing!! Alas, we have not withheld anything from her in the last 4 weeks and she is doing remarkable!
Big News = No more Dairy Allergy!!!!


Tolman Family said...

Yay for baby Jorsies! I love this girl! A present is on it's way baby girls.

no diapers and no special non dairy food=more $ and that = A GIRLS TRIP!!!!

G&G Martin said...

You were so cute when you got on the phone to tell me you went in the potty. We are proud of your accomplishment.
What a wonderful exciting time to be dairy alergy free. That is really a milestone.
Keep up the good work with all of your accomplishments.
Love, Grandma Marj

The Wright's said...

That is really big news on both accounts! Yay for you!!!

The Hunters! said...

Well that is so exciting, I'm glad that she is finally having a healthy reaction to dairy!! That is GREAT!!! And the potty thing is awesome! That is always a great day when you have no more diapers!!

Edgar, Kyndi, Graci, Cielo said...

Yay Jorie!! I remember what a relief it was each time the girls tested a little better and now to have them all healthy is wonderful news!! I don't know why I'm so emotional over it, maybe cuz I know what you've been going through too, but I'm very glad to hear she's tolerating dairy now! Makes it so much easier for the cook, huh?? luv you guys!

amy16 said...

To have all kids out of diapers is better than Christmas on a tropical beach while reading a good book, with a Pepsi with a fresh lime in it sitting next to you, all while wearing a tiny swim suit that covers a body that models are jealous of.

Congrats Jor and mom

Becky Gray said...

Yeah!!!! She is such a BIg Girls "just like daddy" I didn't know about the dairy. I think that is even bigger news!!!

Tolman Family said...

you are so cute.


Tolman Family said...

you are so cute.


lindsey enloe said...

THAT ROCKS! I miss my binks!!

Nichole Lowe said...

Way to go Jorie! And welcome to the wonderful world of dairy which means yummy ice cream.

The Dansies said...

Hooray! Way to go on the potty training! And I am so happy you are allergy free. Life would be so sad if you never got to eat cheese and chocolate adn all that good stuff!. She is getting so big, we miss you guys!

girlygirl said...

What a cutie she is! Way to go on the potty training! We are almost done - I hope.

The Enloe Family said...

Holy crap...I cannot believe she is getting so big. We miss Jor-Jors. Tell her we miss her and love her and are very proud of her. My boys cheered when I read that to them!!! Congrats on the dairy thing too. It will be nice to not have to worry about that anymore. I am still waiting for something like that to happen with Owie!!! Miss you guys!!!