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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super FUN Saturday!

We all have a bit of Spring Fever and have been cooped up a little long. We just needed to get out of the house before we all went crazy!

We started our day at Target, getting some potty training rewards for Jorie then went to Costco for lunch and a few groceries. (this may not seem super fun to you but our kids LOVE lunch at Costco and since we moved and have to travel an hour to get to Costco it is even more of a treat!) Then we gave the kids the choice between a movie or bowling and of course they choose bowling. We love to bowl together, I love to watch my kids be so supportive of each other and give high fives all around EVERY turn! I think we kind of bugged the family in the lane next to us, but they definitely weren't having as much fun as us. Then, in true awesome parent form, we went to City Market (the only place we can rent movies) for a movie (Madagascar 2) and popcorn and ice cream (for dinner, best parents EVER!)

I LOVE spending time with my family! I truly don't think many other things give me so much satisfaction! I Corey's words, "My kids make me happy!"

Corey, after he knocked a pin into the lane.
Rhysee doing the happy dance!
Malik putting on a show ( I told him to be super happy for the picture)

This is how Jorie bowls, so cute! I had a picture of her happy dance afterward but it was so blurry you couldn't see it.
Nice hiney shot of Corey huh?


Edgar, Kyndi, Graci, Cielo said...

looks like it was so much fun!! and about the pic's-it really never occured to me that people would want a picture of all of us but I've had many requests recently and will get right on that...

G&G Martin said...

I think your fun Saturday together
sounds and looks like a lot of fun.
I know the kids enjoyed it, just having mom and dad there just with them.

Becky Gray said...

Brenda... Looks like a ton of fun!!! Your kids make me happy too :)

Nichole Lowe said...

What a fun Saturday. I too love those family days or evenings when it is just you, your hubby and kids. Can't wait for your trip down here. You will definetly thaw out since we are in the 80's this week.

Tolman Family said...

What fun! Cute picture of everyone ... and nice hiney there Cor! Miss you.

Lindsey Lu said...


Nick Scott Family said...

Kids seriously are the best!! Looks like a lot of fun with the Enloe clan.