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Friday, January 23, 2009

Rhys Turns 5

Rhys' 5th Birthday!
When asked what Rhys wanted to have for his birthday dinner. his reply was, "I like those haystack things (Hawaiian Haystacks), but you know what I really love.......Breakfast!" We ended up having waffles with strawberries and whip cream, scrambled eggs, and chocolate milk. YUMMY
Happy Birthday Rhysie!!
Party Crew
Jorie, Caden(upside down), Connor, Wheeler, Rhys, Malik and Riley
Malik and Jorie got a Lizard Webkin for Rhys (he hasn't set it down since)
Rhys and Wheeler
They have become fast friends. They go to preschool together and have been come really close! Wheeler has some medical issues that make him appear smaller than other kids his age, he and Rhys are the same age.
Rhys chose a "skeleton dinosaur" cake (???), he never seizes to amaze me, I never would have guess this one, but he absolutely loved it!


Lindsay said...

The adorable picture of Rhys and Wheeler would be a thousand times cuter if you would crop my butt out of the picture!?!?!? :)

girlygirl said...

Happy Birthday Rhys!

amy16 said...

Happy Birthday Rhys!

Tolman Family said...

I'm so sad that we missed celebrating with you. I know we did later ... but still it would have been fun to be there for waffles! I'm so happy you had a great day Rhysie pants ... we love you!

Becky Gray said...

Happy Birthday Rhys!!!

G&G Martin said...

Rhys, What a cute idea for your cake. I love it. I had to go in and get a close up. Great!!!!!
Love you, you are growing up so fast and so cute.