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Monday, January 5, 2009

And the WINNER is.....

The votes are in and the polls are closed.

17 to 5 is ts the final count,
and the winner, of course, is ME!!!

Thank you all who recognized the masterpiece in it's entirety. Complete with custom ice skating pond, gazebo and festive holiday wreath. (not to mention, the matching and patterned roof kissables)

Thanks for your vote, and thanks to the 5 people who voted for Corey's eco friendly home, he really need your votes for his self esteem. He really did do a great job...... mine was just simply better:)


lindie said...

All I can say is LOL!!! you are such a nut!!!

amy16 said...

The simple fact that Corey's was even in the running says something about his manhood....... Bruce, it's such a pretty cottage. lol

Becky Gray said...

Sami really liked Corey's best... But she didn't get to vote. I liked the pond.... Super fun idea. How is the weather there? I'm freezing my butt of here and I'm sure it is warner here than aspen... :)

Dale and Tabitha said...

Congrats...to bad I didn't vote. I would've voted for the pond alone. Hope all is well. If you come down lets have a book ready to read.

Vanessa said...

haha! I was right! I knew that the perfection of the first one was ringing out YOU! But, if it was Corey's I didn't want to make him feel less then a man haha! You always make me laugh!

G&G Martin said...

Hope Corey didn't cry to hard.
I was impressed with his too.
Also the kids were great too, especially Jories. Smile.
Would love to hear from you.
Hope all is well with all of you and that you are not icecicles.
Anything on the house?

The Hunters! said...

Well of course yours won my friend!! You are an ARTIST!! So, I finally have a blog!! FINALLY!! I hope that all is well with you guys! I miss you tonz! I hope that I get to see you soon!! Love Ya!

Nick Scott Family said...

Sorry Corey! Maybe next year....they both looked great though.