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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jorie's Birthday

Jorie's 2nd Birthday - Ariel Party
Having a Christmas day birthday, for some, might not be too fun, but for Jorie it's a blast! Christmas stops at our house in the afternoon and we go into full birthday mode! Balloons, streamers, birthday cake and presents wrapped in non-christmas paper! We had a fun party and Jorie loved her Ariel cake that she picked out!
Happy Birthday Princess!
The day Jorie picked her cake, she was actually singing to the cake lady like Ariel does and saying "I wub it, my Ariel" - she was so excited!!!
"A present for me?!?!"
Ariel doll from mama and daddy.
"It's my Pony's!!!!" From Rhys and Malik, which she happened to find in mom and dad's closet a couple days before. I need to learn to hide better.
Papa Ron and Grandma Needers sent a Curious George stuffed animal and book.
She "wubs" "Curdidus Goege."


amy16 said...

Happy Birthday Jors! We miss you cute little face and big attitude. Tell your mom to keep up on the blogging so we can feel like we're still apart of your day to day life.

Becky Gray said...

Happy Birthday Jorsie!!! she is such a doll. She is growing so fast. We miss you guys!

Tolman Family said...

I love that Jor Jor Binks... how adorable is she! I'm so happy that you loved your "pissess" party. XOXO

Brett and Diane said...

Happy Birthday Jorie! I guess I haven't seen Jorie for a very long time (probably since Hillary's wedding) she looks so big. I love that you stop Christmas and make it her special birthday. You're an awesome mother!

Nichole Lowe said...

Happy Birthday Jorie! She is so cute. That has got to be hard to have a Christmas birthday but I am glad you still try and make it special.

Dale and Tabitha said...

I love her cute little expressions. You captured some priceless moments....Good job, Mom.
Happy Birthday!

lindie said...

Those pictures are hilarious!! The kids that hated their birthdays around and on Christmas were definitely the ones that totally got jipped!! Its definitely all about keeping it all birthday and not a single trace of Christmas AT ALL!! I think Rhegan things her Christmas time birthday ROCKS!! I'm sure Jorie will think the same. You are suck a great MOM!!!

Nick Scott Family said...

Happy Birthday Jorie! I can't believe she's 2. I remember you bringing her home from the hospital. Why do they have to grow up sooooo fast?

G&G Martin said...

Sorry we missed your birthday Jorie.
Looks like it was a blast. I love the pictures. I got so tickled at her expressions. What a cutie.
That looks like an awesome Ariel cake. Num, nummmmmmm.

Vanessa said...

To cute!!! What a doll! I miss the day's of princess's stuff...mine has grown out of that! :( And Ariel is my personal FAV!!

Hey, ? for you...do you ever hear from Miss Amber Dawn?

Oh and I am soo glad you are hearing me on the whole boy thing! AHHH!!!