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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grab a soda, you're gonna be here awhile!

Alright, here we go.... back by apparent popular demand.... the Enloe Blog!
I have to admit, I have been cheating on my blog....with Facebook!
I am repenting of my evil ways and I am back on the wagon, so graba a soda, get comfy and check out what the Enloe have been up to! There is much more to come so you better prepare yourselves for some serious adventures!!

Hogle Zoo with our Besties


"Do I have my cute on?"
Jorie found the outfit that YaYa brought back from China for her in her closet. Up till now, it's been way too big, she wanted to try it on and it fit. We pulled her hair into a bun and put in red pick up sticks to match. She went to the mirror in my room and checked herself out at every angle. As I walked out of the bathroom, she asked me, "Mama, do I have my cute on?" Yes baby, you do have your cute on!! (not to mention you sass!)

Thomas Lakes Hike
We were so impressed with these kids!! Malik and Rhys hiked the whole 8 mile treck and Jorie rode in the pack like a champ, until right at the end when she crashed.
Yes, you are looking at snow!! You know it's been a weird year when you still have snow in June. I guess maybe not so weird when you realize that we were over 8000 feet.

Rock Bottom Ranch
2nd Grade Overnight Fieldtrip

Getting settled for bed. We slept under the stars, I realize it was a field trip, but I had a blast with Malik. We laid in our beds and talked for ever, I eat these moment up!! I hope it meant as much to him as it did to me.

Holding the new baby chicks.

Pond skimming for nasty stuff to look at under the microscopes.

Ladies Night
I know I have said it more than once, and I'll probably say it many more times..... I LOVE my girlfriends!!! I am also so lucky to have my sisters fall into that catagory!

Malik's Baptism

You know how there are days that are just better..... this day was definitely better than most! We were so proud of Malik's decision to be baptized. He was so happy, it was written all over his face. He is really trying hard to make good choices, he wants to be the best he can.
You are an amazing kid Malik! We love you!

Malik's Birthday
They are such cute brothers! (most of the time)
Flag football set from Mom and Dad

Malik choose waffles with Nichole's yummy syrup (at Malik's request) for dinner and a cheese cake (I was so proud) decorated with his Star Wars action figures.

Easter Morning
New Easter clothes
Chairs from the bunny

Rhys, Malik and Jorie after the Easter Egg Hunt at the clubhouse.

Our NEW home!!


Madi said...

Oh hey! You have remembered your blog! I love the updates and pictures. Oh, we just love you guys!

Jade said...

Yea! It was fun to see your updates. Your kids are cute as ever and I love the new pad!

Shaylah said...

Oh good, the enloes do still exist. Looks like you have been having all kinds of fun. YOur new house looks beautiful, I've always dreamed of having a log home

Becky Gray said...

Wow.... good thing I had a 24 oz diet pepsi!!!

girlygirl said...

Glad you're back! I'm happy to get to read all about the Enloe fun--congratulations on your new home! It looks beautiful!

Nick Scott Family said...

Finally a blog update!!! YEAH!!! Your house is beautiful...now I know someone else that lives in a log home ... but yours is much much bigger! hehehe Love your pics!

G&G Martin said...

Whew..................Finally and at long last. Great entries and pictures. See, it is as much or more fun than Facebook. I still can't get the hang of Facebook.
Love you guys. Cute as ever and having just as much family fun as you always do. See you soon.

Noni said...

So Brenda I'm totally out of soda. Should I refill for the next post or wait til next year?

miss ya!