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Monday, December 29, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

The last time we tried to do gingerbread houses, we made them from graham crackers like I did when I was little, but we apparently didn't have the right "glue". The frosting we used wouldn't let the houses stick together and it was super frustrating. So, this year I was proactive and used the glue gun to put them together before hand. Worked GREAT!
Rhys got really into it and even made a pond in the front yard! Such a cutie!
Malik, true to form, made his a masterpiece, he spend a great deal of time on the design and made it just right. Our little artist!
Bet you can't guess which one Jorie did.....
Clue, most of her decorating went right in her mouth!!!


Brett and Diane said...

What a cute gingerbread village!

joanne said...

I love that Malik decided to decorate his in his underwear. Reminds me of my son.

G&G Martin said...

Who says the two of you have the best gingerbread houses? What about those cute kids houses? I would vote for Jories because she was the smart one to eat hers as she went. Smile.

Becky Gray said...

I love that you glued the houses together..... They all look great!!!