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Friday, December 19, 2008

Enloe Update!

Hello all! Just thought I would rejoin the land of blogging and give you all an update from our new little neck of the woods.

The move went without a hitch and we have temporarily moved into a 3 bedroom home that a friend of our is giving us a great deal on. We are currently in the middle of trying to make a decision (which you all know isn;t an easy thing for us to do) about more permanent living arrangements. Hopefully, by February, we will either be breaking ground for a new home or have found one that we love and in the purchase process. For now, our rental is just fine and in a great location.
Malik started into his new 2nd grade class and loves it!!! Initially he was so sad/mad about the move but to his surprise he has fallen right in step and has made some great new friends. I also have been pretty inpressed with this new school, don't be jealous, but there are only 15 students in his class!!! It's a dream!

After hours on the phone trying to find a preschool for Rhys with openings, I finally found one. The only one in the whole stinkin' valley with an opening! In hopes that we might be able to pay Rhys' tuition in January, I will be selling a kidney. Let me know if you are interested. Rhys loves his school! They have movement classes on Mondays, gymnastics on Thursdays, and they get to play in the bounce house once a week. The play yard is like nothing I have ever seen! The have a bear cave, tunnels and hills, a treehouse and most recently (and Rhys' fav), sledding hills and sleds. They have a great time and Rhys always leaves with a smile!

Jorie and I spend a couple of hours on Monday at a play gym called GiminiKids. There are always kids her age to play with and I think the change of scenery is very welcome for Jorie. She misses her brothers while they are gone but is so happy when they get home. She is very chatty and is going through a phase where she asks thousands of questions, not only once but 5-6 times! Cute but kind of annoying. She is getting so big!

Corey is definately in his element! He loves his new job (not to mention the 5 powder days he has had in the last 3 weeks, thanks to 3-4 feet of new snow). This job in this area was made for Corey! He has always been very content with his job but now I see a huge difference in him when he comes home at night, he is so happy! He is getting ready to put the kids in ski school and can't wait for spring so we can all bike and hike the thousands of trails availabe to us.

I am very happy here but more than once a day I miss my old routine and my girlfriends and family. I love being a mom and I love my family. I am happiest when I am with them!

We love you all and hope you all want to take fun and exciting vacations to visit us, we will make it worth your while!!!! Promise!!
Yesterday afternoon it warmed up by about 10 degrees (which brought it just above freezing) and some of the snow on our tin roof began to slide. Although not for long, the temp dropped well below 15 degrees pretty quick. This morning the kids were facinated by this scene in our backyard. The snow was curved and the icesicles curved in toward our house!!! Crazy, but really pretty cool, just thought we'd share!


Nichole Lowe said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. I have missed stalking you. :) I am glad everyone has settled in. I think we will hold off on visiting until it warms up a bit. I think we would freeze to death now.

Vanessa said...

I am glad that all is well, and you are getting settled in to what looks like a great winter! Have a Merry Christmas!

Vanessa said...

I am glad that all is well, and you are getting settled in to what looks like a great winter! Have a Merry Christmas!

Becky Gray said...

Brenda thanks for blogging kenzie will be so happy. It sounds like the kids love the changes. FYI not a days goes by that I don't miss you and your family. Can't wait to see you! Bit I'm not looking forward to the frigid temps!!!!
Love ya

Tolman Family said...

Thanks for the pictures. Looking out my window looks pretty darn close to your view. I'm so so happy that the boys have adjusted well. I miss you. Our family misses you. Can't wait to see you guys soon. Jacob is doing an Enloe visit countdown! Lovey love love to all!

ME & HE said...

I'm so glad you are getting mostly settled. Sounds like you guys were definitely led to make this decision. We really do want to come & visit...it would be so much fun! Love your guts and glad to see you back on the blogging-sphere.

P.S. We have a few options for you if you need money for Rys's preschool...you could keep your kidney and it would only cost you 9 months in return! :) Love Ya

girlygirl said...

Hi Brenda! Thanks for the cute post on my blog the other day! I'm glad to see you back in the blog sphere!

girlygirl said...

Oh - also: Will you email me your new address and "digits" ;) Does that ring any bells (think: you, me, heather, state street)? You know, because of you, I have the best husband on the planet. I never would have met him if you hadn't pulled over a certain hum-v full of boys. ;) love ya!

amy16 said...

Glad to see your alive and doing well. I can't walk to my garbage can anymore. I hate looking at the new cars parked there and the garbage cans are always put away before I can run them over!

You never know you miss things till there gone. Love ya.

Brett and Diane said...

Sounds like everything is falling into place and going well. It was great reading an update. I just have to say that your Christmas card was my favorite. I can't believe all the work you put into doing a card especially since you were moving, wow! I also LOVED and I mean LOVED your picture you all looked so cute and the coloring was out of this world. Merry Christmas Enole Family!

Jade said...

Congrats on the move! I'm sure everything will work out just the way it's supposed to and you will love it there too. I totally plan on blog stalking you though!

G&G Martin said...

Yeah, I finally logged in and found an update. Smile!!!
Glad the kids are frerling comfortable with their new situation. I know it was hard, but worth it. Keep us posted and send more pictures.