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Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Pissess Dess"

The other day Jorie was super angry with me and screaming "pissess dess" at me, I just wasn't getting it! Finally after close o an hour I figured it out, she wanted to wear her "princess dress"!!! Oh right! Silly mommy!
We put on her dress from Hillary's wedding and
she made Rhys "twirw" or twirl with her in the living room.
She was so funny, I think I know what she should ask for for christmas.........


Tolman Family said...

So pretty Jor Jors in your "pissess dess"....lovey love loves...XOXO!

G&G Martin said...

Just as long as Jories "pisses dress" doesn't make mommy "pissey". Smile!!!
Cute as always.