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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4 and 4 Tag (then maybe 6 and 6?)

Ok, this is fun! Marinda and Carrie did this fun tag where you had to pick your fourth folder and your fourth picture from your photos on your computer, post it and tell about. Fun right? I thought so, so here it goes......
Christian, Malik, Rhys
Such fun memories, I will take any chance I get to remember super important events. This was the day we blessed Rhys, he was 2 1/2 months old and looked so cute in his little newsboy cap. Malik was so excited to have a new baby, he took every chance he could get to hold Rhys, but on the other hand he was so mad at Corey and I for months.
Also, my nephew Christian and Malik were born on the same day one year apart, they are lucky to have a cousin who is one of your best friends.

Now, everyone else, show me your 4 and 4 too........ and while you are at to maybe your 6 and 6!

Here's my 6 and 6, this is kind of addicting!
Carrie and Ty
What a crack up!!!!!
For Carrie's 30th birthday I put together a book with some pictures for her about her life, Ty sent me a bunch of pics and....... apparently this is my 6 and 6! I don't even know the story behind this one (maybe Carrie can shed some light) but I do know that this is very typical of them. Ty, mellow and doesn't really like to smile for pics and Carrie, silly, beggin' for more and lovin' the camera!


Tolman Family said...

That picture was taken at our house and that is all I know about that. Wow....crazy couple we are. I guess this is how we party with Pepsi! Too funny!

Lindsey Lu said...