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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rhys' First Day of Preschool

Rhys went back to school yesterday, 4 year old preschool. This year is going to be great! Rhys is so lucky to have the best teacher in the whole preschool, Mrs. Dansie. It just so happens that she is in our ward and we were able to request her for this year. Malik was able to ahve her in preschool too so we knew just what to expect, tons of learning fun!

Just outside the door if the blue room there is a board for each child to sign in on. Rhys watched Malik do this for a year and was so excited to get his turn. As he signed his name I turned to talk to Mrs. Dansie and when we looked back Rhys had signed his name in perfect mirror image. I told her I had never seen him do that before and her response to me was that writing his name backwards was actually very talented. She went on to tell me that kids his age start to get bored with the whole name thing as they start to learn more new things with their letters, numbers and words. It becomes old hat and they start to try new things when writing their name. She said don't be surpeised if he starts writing it perfectly upside down either. Silly kid!
As we rode home after his first day, he could n't stopping talking about his monster picture he made. He said that was his favorite thing about his first day of school.


lindie said...

Very cool monster picture Rhys- I love it - so very talented!! Rhys is such a mini Corey its crazy!! Hope you have a great preschool year.

Tolman Family said...

Glad he had a great day! He is getting so big. What a cutie. We love you "syhr" and are so happy for you. Come and play soon K K!

(is this all it takes to be recognized as talented?) Nice catch for comfort for mom srm. eisnad!

The Dansies said...

Man, with a name like that she must be a cool teacher! I was just looking at some pics of Rhys when he was just a wee little thing, now he's all growed up! Luv you guys!

G&G Martin said...

I love it. Leave it to syhR to come up with something unique and his own.
Cute monster picture sweetheart.
Have a wonderful pre-school this year.
Love you, Grandma Marj

Paul and Megan Hawkes said...

Preschool, don't they grow up so fast.

Vanessa said...

Hey you! K so I found your blog through your photographer Carly, who emailed me about some photo stuff. I went to her blog and to my surprise there was this cute little family that I totally knew!

Your kids are so beautiful and they look just like you guys! How are you? It has been forever! I would love to hear from you!
Talk to you soon-Vanessa

lizwagz said...

Brenda!!!!! How the heck are you ladie? We need to get together and catch up! I can't believe how big your kids are.

Liz Wagner