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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Rhysie, Fact or Fiction?

Rhys is at a hard age for me right now but he is so funny sometimes. I have to tell one of his most recent stories. Rhys has a super imagination, and I wonder sometimes if he really believes his stories.

Last night about 3ish, Rhys came into our room crying hysterically. When I got him to calm down enough to tell me what was wrong he said, "My shoulder hit my head really hard!" At this point I usually think he is sleep talking, like he, Malik and Corey do quite often. Then this morning at breakfast an even better story was told...
Me - "What happened to your head?" (Scratches on his forehead, top right side in picture)
Rhys - "Member, last night?"
Me - "When last night, I don't remember?"
Rhys - "Member when I came in your room last night after I fell off my bed?"
Me - "No, I didn't know you fell off your bed, I thought your shoulder hit your head."
Rhys - "Mom, that's wacky."
Me - "How did you fall off your bed?"
Rhys (totally straight faced) - "Well the wind was blowing so hard I couldn't hold on and it blew me right off my bed onto the floor on my toy and I banged my head."
Me - "Wow!"

I really think that he believes there was a pretty stiff breeze in his room last night and the fan wasn't even on. Silly Kid!!


mbrooks said...

Ok so I'm totally picturing him hanging on to the side of his bed, with his legs out flying, screaming for help while mom and dad just sleep the night away.

27 laughs a day said...

I LOVE RHYSES PIECES! He just told me that the wind was TOO strong. Mandy would agree, get that air conditioner checked, it's now blowing people around!

G&G Martin said...

You might have to install a safety belt in his bed.
Get those stories down so you can publish a book.

Jeremy and Shauni said...

That is hilarious! Don't you wish you could just get a peek at their little brains to see how the thought process that proceeds these funny comments? Aren't Abby and Rhys almost exactly the same age? She turned 4 in February and she's our funny comment kid right now!

Paul & Megan Hawkes said...

That is a good imagination! He must have been dreaming about a wind storm when he fell out. I love it!

Nick Scott Family said...

I was sitting at my desk at work laughing OUT LOUD when I read his story. How funny!

Jensen Family said...

That is one funny story I swear kids are in a totaly different world when their half asleep. Maybe you should think about some type of harness for strong wind sleeping :)

madlexi said...

i wish i could be just like rhys
he always has the most funniest stories to tell!!!!

dijensen said...

It's a good thing we have these moments to carry us thru the not-so-funny times..i love to read your blog..thanks for the laughs..