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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Enloe's in Powell

The first week in September was spend in Lake Powell with the Enloe's courtesy of Parker and a super fun houseboat that was going unused this year....until the Enloe's snatched it up. I have fallen in love with Powell and I have the Enloe family to thank, they are the ones who first introduced this amazingly beautiful place to me. Hopefully, our children will have many fond memories with aunts, uncles, papa, grandma and cousins in Lake Powell.
Rhys learned how to wake surf and loved it!
He even started tossing the rope back to the boat like he saw the older kids doing.
Hang Loose Buddy!

We found a really great spot to park the houseboat, there was a great beach that the kids played on most of the days.
The "ladies" spent most of our days playing cards. We really enjoy each others company, we have a ton of fun when it comes to games. We even got the guys to join in a few rounds!
Hilly and Jeff brought their kids, Toby and Chuck (the two cutest pugs ever). The kids love having them around, they are super well behaved and really take the abuse the kids give them very well. Chuck even got to wake surf, that was pretty funny to see.
This is Malik and Jackson having a dance party with Chuck.
Lindsey's friend Steve also came with us and brought his two wave runners to share with us. The kids loved zipping around with anyone that would take them for rides.
This is Grandma Needers, Malik on back and Owen in front.
Growing up, Grandma Skousen had a friend that lived with her and helped out with her day care. Her name was Anna Mae. The kids thought that everyone had an Anna Mae just like a Grandma or an Aunt. I think we have found our Anna Mae, this is our Jessie. She is a good friend of Hilly's but has become a staple with the Enloe's. She is great with the kids and super fun to be around......Don't we all have a Jessie?
Camden turned 6 while we were at Powell, we had a fun party for him which included a chocolate cake without frosting that Yaya made special for him, presents and roasting marshmallows. Rhys was so glad that he got to spend Cam's birthday with him!

The girls playing cards...
I love my sisters in law!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grab a soda, you're gonna be here awhile!

Alright, here we go.... back by apparent popular demand.... the Enloe Blog!
I have to admit, I have been cheating on my blog....with Facebook!
I am repenting of my evil ways and I am back on the wagon, so graba a soda, get comfy and check out what the Enloe have been up to! There is much more to come so you better prepare yourselves for some serious adventures!!

Hogle Zoo with our Besties


"Do I have my cute on?"
Jorie found the outfit that YaYa brought back from China for her in her closet. Up till now, it's been way too big, she wanted to try it on and it fit. We pulled her hair into a bun and put in red pick up sticks to match. She went to the mirror in my room and checked herself out at every angle. As I walked out of the bathroom, she asked me, "Mama, do I have my cute on?" Yes baby, you do have your cute on!! (not to mention you sass!)

Thomas Lakes Hike
We were so impressed with these kids!! Malik and Rhys hiked the whole 8 mile treck and Jorie rode in the pack like a champ, until right at the end when she crashed.
Yes, you are looking at snow!! You know it's been a weird year when you still have snow in June. I guess maybe not so weird when you realize that we were over 8000 feet.

Rock Bottom Ranch
2nd Grade Overnight Fieldtrip

Getting settled for bed. We slept under the stars, I realize it was a field trip, but I had a blast with Malik. We laid in our beds and talked for ever, I eat these moment up!! I hope it meant as much to him as it did to me.

Holding the new baby chicks.

Pond skimming for nasty stuff to look at under the microscopes.

Ladies Night
I know I have said it more than once, and I'll probably say it many more times..... I LOVE my girlfriends!!! I am also so lucky to have my sisters fall into that catagory!

Malik's Baptism

You know how there are days that are just better..... this day was definitely better than most! We were so proud of Malik's decision to be baptized. He was so happy, it was written all over his face. He is really trying hard to make good choices, he wants to be the best he can.
You are an amazing kid Malik! We love you!

Malik's Birthday
They are such cute brothers! (most of the time)
Flag football set from Mom and Dad

Malik choose waffles with Nichole's yummy syrup (at Malik's request) for dinner and a cheese cake (I was so proud) decorated with his Star Wars action figures.

Easter Morning
New Easter clothes
Chairs from the bunny

Rhys, Malik and Jorie after the Easter Egg Hunt at the clubhouse.

Our NEW home!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


It sure is a good thing she's cute because she sure is a turkey sometimes! The boys were never this mischievous, Jorie sneaks away and within seconds, not minutes, she is making a mess. Let me give you a quick run down on the recent incidents (I didn't have the presence of mind to take pictures of all of them, we all know how I am when I'm grumpy).

1- Pink lip gloss smeared all over her face
2- Cut her own hair
3- Destroyed my blush and eyeshadow (two items, one incident)
4- Tried to apply mascara (she actually made it on some of her eyelashes and left the incident with both eyes in working order! Kind of impressive!)
5- Needed lotion, 1/2 of a bottle smeared all over her head, face, hand and arms (it was kind of sad, she got it in her eyes) - There have been reoccurring incidents involving lotion one in which I was upstairs and hear Corey shouting, "You are in SOOO much trouble Jorie Marjean!!!"
6- Floods the bathroom on a daily basis trying to "brush her teeth"
7- Sprayed half a bottle of Fabreeze all over the laundry room (keep in mind, there is actually no fabric in the laundry room, only tile and cabinets)
8- Loves to fill the toilet with toilet paper and then flush........
9- Wanted more "eggies" and cracked 2 on the counter and started to licked her fingers before I got to her.
10- Pooped in the bathtub and almost made Rhys throw up.

She is sure a sweetie when she wants to be, but she definitely gives me a run every single day! I'm sure I will continue to add to this list in the near future, but I had to share our misadventures thus far. Love that Binks!
The Mascara Incident (look closely at her lashes!)The Lip Gloss Incident
The "Eggies" IncidentThe Lotion Incident
(the picture doesn't do it credit, it was EVERYWHERE)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big News for Binks!

As I mentioned in my last post, Jorie has been very interested in potty training lately so we let her pick out some fun prizes as rewards for going in the potty. I hat to speak too soon, but she is doing GREAT! I love to watch her get so excited when she has remembered to tell me she need to go and then after she is done she is so proud! I realize we aren't there yet, but I think she is well on her way!!
Big News = No more Diapers!!!
Way to go Jor Jor Binks!!

But that's not all for the big news, this may be even bigger news!
As many of you know, Jorie has has a pretty severe dairy allergy that makes her pretty sick if she eats dairy. So, since she was about a month old, we have withheld as much dairy as humanly possible. If she mistakenly gets her hands on dairy and eats it, within 2-3 hours her tummy is pretty upset and we end up using 50 diapers the next day. Our pediatrician told us that she may or may not grow out of this, so we should test it every 6 months or so. About 4 weeks ago, Jorie flipped out and wanted a bowl of mac and cheese, we ended up giving it to her and hoping for the best. The best happened!!!! Absolutely nothing! So needless to say we tested it again with yogurt. Again, nothing!!! We then let her have a piece of cheese.......nothing!! Alas, we have not withheld anything from her in the last 4 weeks and she is doing remarkable!
Big News = No more Dairy Allergy!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super FUN Saturday!

We all have a bit of Spring Fever and have been cooped up a little long. We just needed to get out of the house before we all went crazy!

We started our day at Target, getting some potty training rewards for Jorie then went to Costco for lunch and a few groceries. (this may not seem super fun to you but our kids LOVE lunch at Costco and since we moved and have to travel an hour to get to Costco it is even more of a treat!) Then we gave the kids the choice between a movie or bowling and of course they choose bowling. We love to bowl together, I love to watch my kids be so supportive of each other and give high fives all around EVERY turn! I think we kind of bugged the family in the lane next to us, but they definitely weren't having as much fun as us. Then, in true awesome parent form, we went to City Market (the only place we can rent movies) for a movie (Madagascar 2) and popcorn and ice cream (for dinner, best parents EVER!)

I LOVE spending time with my family! I truly don't think many other things give me so much satisfaction! I Corey's words, "My kids make me happy!"

Corey, after he knocked a pin into the lane.
Rhysee doing the happy dance!
Malik putting on a show ( I told him to be super happy for the picture)

This is how Jorie bowls, so cute! I had a picture of her happy dance afterward but it was so blurry you couldn't see it.
Nice hiney shot of Corey huh?