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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mal's last soccer game......until Spring!

Thursday night's victory over the Wildcat team marked Malik's last soccer game until spring. They won 3-2 and were ecstatic! They are a pretty good little team for their age and hopefully they will keep getting better. I can't wait for spring, I love to watch him play!

Malik's team was the Cobras and when we went to pick up his jersey he choose number 1 and was so excited to be number 1. When we arrived at the first game, every kid had the same jersey, number 1. Maybe they got a good deal on jerseys this year. He was so disappointed!
Malik is just left of the ball in the white jersey, he was getting ready to steel the ball!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jeff and Hillary's Wedding

After much anticipation, Jeff and Hillary were married in the Bountiful Temple last weekend. What an amazing sealing. Their Sealer had a lot of great advise and words of counsel.
The reception in Vernal the next day was a bit crazy what with the rain and all, but in the end it turned out great. Anita spent over 100 hours on Jorie and Olivia's dresses, but it was well worth it! They were almost more beautiful than Hillary.
Welcome to the craziness Jeff, you are going to fit right in!!! Congratulations, Hillary and Jeff!

Grandma Velva (GG)

I am very behind on my family posts, granted the last two weeks have been crazy.

On September 9th, we received word hat Corey's grandmother, Velva Skousen (Enloe), passed away. She has been progressively not as healthy in the last few months and we knew that we didn't have much time left with her. The funeral was nice and there wasn't a dry eye. I learned some things I hadn't known about her and I'm sad I didn't take more opportunities to talk with her. She was a fun loving, strong woman who will be remembered with much love.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rhys' First Day of Preschool

Rhys went back to school yesterday, 4 year old preschool. This year is going to be great! Rhys is so lucky to have the best teacher in the whole preschool, Mrs. Dansie. It just so happens that she is in our ward and we were able to request her for this year. Malik was able to ahve her in preschool too so we knew just what to expect, tons of learning fun!

Just outside the door if the blue room there is a board for each child to sign in on. Rhys watched Malik do this for a year and was so excited to get his turn. As he signed his name I turned to talk to Mrs. Dansie and when we looked back Rhys had signed his name in perfect mirror image. I told her I had never seen him do that before and her response to me was that writing his name backwards was actually very talented. She went on to tell me that kids his age start to get bored with the whole name thing as they start to learn more new things with their letters, numbers and words. It becomes old hat and they start to try new things when writing their name. She said don't be surpeised if he starts writing it perfectly upside down either. Silly kid!
As we rode home after his first day, he could n't stopping talking about his monster picture he made. He said that was his favorite thing about his first day of school.

Monday, September 1, 2008

What happens in Vegas...Stays in Vegas!

Well, it's official, Hillary and Jeff are engaged and getting married in three weeks. To celebrate, all the ladies met for a "wild" weekend in Vegas (Hillary's new home).
After arriving on Friday night, we stayed up talking and laughing until about 4am, then up again at 8am, in just in time to arrive at the JW Marriot Spa for an amazing five hour relaxing
experience and one of the best facial I have ever had
(probably because it wasn't an ordinary facial, it was FULL body facial, awesome!)
After the spa, we all went to Hillary's friend Jessie's house for her third and final (oh, sad, that's all) bridal shower. To wrap up those couple of hours, Hillary and Jeff's first week of marriage should be "super fun and eduacational" to say the least.
Then were off to shop and have dinner and hit the club. Some of us spent way to much money, bought way to many bags (you know who you are), and drank way to much caffine (that would be me), trying to stay awake for our long night of shakin' it at the club, which we didn't even arrive at until midnight!!! Zowie Bowie was the name of the club and super fun coverband, I really think Bowie thinks he is David Bowie and Zowie..... well, I guess you had to be there, right ladies?! I caught my second wind just before we arrived, good thing because as we moved to the front row just by the stage the music took hold and we all (including all the mormon mamas) "busted a move!" That lifestyle is so foriegn to me, but it sure is fun to watch people make fools of themselves!Dinner at Archi's Thai BistroReady to hit the town....Could someone remind me to try not to look like an idiot in EVERY picture we take!Hilly, thanks so much for a fun girls weekend in the city that never sleeps!
Let's do it again next year!